Q. What is that on top of the golfers head?
A. If you pressed 4 in the driving range, then its a gun. If you pressed 5, it's a Utah teapot. And If you pressed 6 it's Blue Shirt from Ken's stage of Super Street Fighter 2X: Grand Master Challenge.

Q. When on a steep surface the club plane doesn't collide with the ball?
A. In aim mode use W and or S to move forward and or back until the club plane bitmap at the bottom center of the screen is centered with the ball bitmap. The dashed line bitmap is a visual representation of the resulting directional offset.

Q. What port needs to be open on the host player's router for multiplayer to work?
A. UDP port 27582.

Q. Which operating systems will the proposed product be available for?

A. Windows, Macintosh and Linux with OpenGL drivers.

Q. Does Golf have a myspace account?
A. Not anymore. It use to but it doesn't anymore.